Every person has their own story that explains why a person is the way they are. That's what makes each and every one of us so unique.

Our premise is to become a part of your story!

For the production of our case's we use only high quality materials. As a result, we not only protect your Apple or Samsung device! we also accompany you on every journey.

Each case is carefully inspected and shipped by our manufacturer before packaging.

So, are you ready to tell your own story?


A case is not just a case. Every item has its own individual and special characteristics, so do our cases!

With our designers we try to create the best possible design for our products to make sure that your Apple or Samsung device stand out in the crowd.

Our cases offer you optimal protection in a high-fashion look that you have never seen before.

CasesDY are designed exclusively for Apple and Samsung devices and worked out in detail


Safe the world

We hope you care about the world and its forests as much as we do and that you will join us in saving the world by rebuilding our forests.

How can you plant a tree?

Just click on yes in the checkout and save the world with only 1$.

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